What should be your 1st step, when trying to qualify for a home?

If you have thought about buying a home but not sure where you should start then this video is for you! Learn what questions to ask yourself, what questions to ask others, and most importantly who you should be asking. Get some great info on this podcast. Enjoy the show! Don’t forget to like us…

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Am I financially ready to buy a house?

In this episode, I help you figure out if you are really ready to buy a house. I hear all kinds of reasons for wanting a home but most families don’t ask the tough questions. In this episode, I give 5 questions that will help you realize if you are really ready to buy a…

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Should I pay off debt before trying to buy a home?

In this episode, I talk about when it makes sense to pay off debt and when paying off debt can hurt you. There is a lot of confusion about paying down debts. In this episode, I give 5 guidelines that I go by when helping families qualify and why I have them. Enjoy the show!…

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