Which loan program is right for you to buy a home?

In this episode, I discuss how to know if a lender is going to give you the right loan program and what you can do to speed up the process. I also touch on a few of the different requirements for a typical loan. CanIOwn Season 1 Episode 13

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Can house hacking help you live rent, mortgage, and utility free?

In this episode, I discuss a real estate investor technique called house hacking and how you can use this technique in your own home buying journey to save some real money. Find out if house hacking makes sense for you and could house hacking be your “golden ticket” to living rent, mortgage, and utility FREE!…

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Can I use a loan from family to pay my down payment for a home?

In this episode, I answer questions that were sent in about getting a loan from family for a down payment and whether you should wait before trying to buy a home. CanIOwn Season 1 Episode 11

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