If You Lost Your Home, Should You Own Again?

The last few years have been hard on a lot of families. Many families have lost a home or fallen behind on payments. For the families that have lost a home, there are usually more questions than answers after losing a home. How bad is my credit? Will I ever own again? Do I ever want to own again? These are just some of the questions that many families have had to face after losing a home.

However, recent surveys show that a surprising number of former homeowners want to own a home again. Many families are not bitter. They are hopeful that someday they will be able to own a home again. Since my company helps families qualify for home financing, we are on the frontline of seeing these former homeowners desire to own again. My advice to these families is always the same.

Start today…

Whatever caused you to fall behind or lose your home is the past. You must let that go and begin to focus on the future and moving forward. You must focus on assessing where you are financially now and where your credit is. Once you have done that then find out where you need to be in order to buy a house again. Many people lose a home and they dwell on the fact that they had a job loss or a financial setback and they never make plans to start moving forward again.

Make a plan…

After you figure out where you are and where you need to be then come up with your own personal plan on how you can get there. Nothing is forever, not bankruptcy, not foreclosure, and not job loss. The old saying goes “Time heals all wounds”. While that may be true you still need to develop a plan to help you heal those old credit and financial wounds. If you aren’t sure how to set up a plan for yourself, then get help. There are plenty of resources to help you. My company offers The 6 Steps To Home course; you just have to look for good help.

Commit to completing your plan…

Once you develop a plan then stick to it. Often times your plan may involve steps that take months or even a year or two to complete. However, set short-term goals to help you feel as though you are accomplishing something. Make it a family plan. Sooner than you believe, you will be opening the door to your next new house.

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