How to raise money quickly for a down payment

In this quick podcast, I discuss how to build a down payment for a home quickly. I list a few ways that you can build a down payment and my MOST FAVORITE way to get a down payment quickly. If you have the credit and income for a home but don’t have the down payment…

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How can I buy a house with no credit or savings

In this podcast, I discuss how ANYONE can buy a home without using your credit or savings for a down payment. This is a simple description of a process that I have used for years to build a real estate portfolio. You can use this same technique to get a home in the area you…

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How to find a good rent-to-own deal

Maybe you have considered getting into a rent-to-own…Do you know a good deal? Do you know what to ask? What can you negotiate? Make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. Use these tips to find a great rent-to-own program and go into it with your eyes wide open. Enjoy the show! Don’t forget to…

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