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What you get with Done4U...

  • We create A Personalized Plan & review with you

    We will develop a personalized plan for you and review the goals and timeline with you to assure you agree with the time and steps we will take with your plan.

  • Build You A Personalized Timeline

    We will create a personalized timeline for you so that you will know what we are doing weekly to reach your home ownership goal in the fastest time.

  • Receive Home qualification tips

    You will receive access to our home buying tips which teach you how to negotiate for a home, buy a home with owner financing, and choose the best bank.

Additional Benefits

  • Access the CanIOwn Community

    Share your challenges and triumphs with others working to own their home. Learn from others, techniques they have been successful with, and tweaks you can use in your own plan

  • Worksheet & Website Access

    Copies of all worksheets and websites that we use to get you qualified will be available to you so you can track our progress quickly.

  • Help with Lender Selection

    We will teach you how to find a quality lender and review your loan terms to make sure that you are getting the best loan for your situation.