6 Steps To Home™ Video Series

An in-depth video series walking you through everything you need to qualify for a good home loan regardless of credit, income, or savings.

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Welcome Video

Please watch this short video for some important housekeeping and answers to common questions about the course.

1-on-1 consulting

I have consulted hundreds of families with every kind of issue to help them qualify for housing. If you feel that your circumstances are unique or too much to handle alone, I would like to invite you to my one-on-one coaching...

We can do it for you

When all else fails, we can do the work to get you qualified for your next home. Our done for you service will repair or prepare your credit, create and execute a down payment plan for you and consult you on any income issues to get you qualified quickly and with the least headache...

Week 1 Getting Setup, Basic Knowledge & Figuring out where you are now

Week 1 Overview: What we will cover

In week 1 we will be going over some basic income information and collecting all the information you need...

Week 1 Lesson 1 Know your income

This video will teach you how banks look at your income and how you should look at your income when it comes to buying a home...

Week 1 Lesson 2 Additional Income Sources

When you calculate your income be sure to include all VERIFIABLE additional income. In this video, I discuss some sources of additional income as well as...

Week 1 Lesson 3 Savings Overview

Your savings will be your primary vehicle for down payment and closings. Later on we will discuss ways to increase savings automatically, but for now...

Week 1 Lesson 4 Credit Reports

The credit score is what holds most people back from qualifying for a home loan. In this course, you will learn how to get your score higher & if necessary repair it. The foundation...

Week 1 Lesson 5 Know your ratio's

Banks use these numbers to tell you how much house you can afford. What they are really telling you is how much THEY are willing to risk on you. In this video, I show you how to calculate...

Week 2 Repairing Credit

Week 2 Overview: What we will cover

In week 2 we will start working on your credit. There is a lot to cover in this week so let's get started.

Week 3 Building Credit

Week 4 Down Payment Money

Week 5 Income & Income Verification

Bonus Videos

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